A.L.D.A. Architects ( Belfast )

Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. unambiguously act as your agents. The role of all Architects should be to design a building, that serves your requirements, and which is within your budget. A.L.D.A. are Belfast Architects that take that role seriously. We are not there for self aggrandisement, to win prizes, or create design statements unless that is our clients specific aim. Design does matter, and in many buildings it is public image of your business, but our fundamental role is to create buildings that work in more ways than just appearance. At A.L.D.A. we work for you, not for any builder, nor supplier. Our prime role is to protect your interests. A.L.D.A. are Architects in Belfast who are orientated towards the needs of private clients and businesses. We take pride in stating that we will give honest opinion, even if it is not in our own interests, and may not be what potential clients want to hear. Professional integrity is important to us.

Use our expertise.