AA Studio

AA Studio is a young multi-disciplinary and most diverse practice specialise in Architecture Design, Urban Design, Planning Permission, Building Regulations and Project Management. We specialise in residential projects from small scale to large scale developments in London & all over the UK. Our practice providing planning consulting, architectural & interior design, urban design, design & build, and project management throughout in UK.

The way we build, the way we design our habitable spaces and the way we live all have to be considered, analysed and adapted to reduce our consumption of energy day by day and over a lifetime. On a more immediate ecological note, any building development needs to be sensitive towards its locality. A designer will always need to appreciate how a building can and will effect and interact with the contextual environment, and how that building and the spaces it provides for its occupants will in turn be affected

Working on a variety projects including urban developments, high specification new buildings, large refurbishments, interior design for hotels, restaurants and boutiques, listed buildings and new build; the practice remains primarily focused on working with individuals and corporates with their potential projects. Every project receives a continued attention to detail at each and every stage and nurturing of proposed schemes through the Planning and Building Control project phase.