We are Architects and Energy Consultants with over 20 years experience based in Derry. We have the skills and tools necessary to offer a unique high quality design service in low energy sustainable buildings. As part of our design service for extensions and smaller jobs, we will show you how to save around £500 of your energy bills with a payback of about 2 years.

Save £500 of the energy bills of a 3 bed semi-detached house or £1,000 with larger homes by making your home better to live in. Fitting thermostatic radiator valves costs up to £200 and saves around £100 a year. Turning the heating down by 1°C can also save £100 a year. Top up loft insulation costs about £250 and saves around £50 a year. Top up cavity wall insulation costs around £400 and saves £50 per year. If the cavity wall or loft have no insulation fitted then the savings are around £200 a year.