Habitar Architects

Habitar Architects prides itself on a high level of integrity to the craft of building. Experience has made us better able to translate the client's brief into architectural objects that maximise the design possibilities and innovations within any economic frameworks. We are always happy to explore new building technologies! My South American roots have given me a Spanish influence and easy going nature and I enjoy exploring ideas and trying new techniques in building. Diego gained his initial architectural qualifications in 1996 at the P.U.

Javeriana in Bogotá-Colombia. He then returned to his home town (Pitalito) and worked at the local Council Planning Department for over a year. In late 1997 he established his own architectural practice in the town; successfully completing numerous projects during his time as Director. In 2001 he travelled for the second time to Europe to oversee the construction of his project in Alicante, Spain.