SBP Architect

I gained a BA Hons Dip Arch from Leeds and established myself with a private practice in 1987. Since then I have built up a wide ranging portfolio of experience from small to medium scale projects, including arranging for alterations to be carried out to schools and healthcare and historic buildings, as well as church work. Additionally, I also specialise in residential conversions and one-off house, overseeing from feasibility to completion. I am always happy to discuss projects with clients prior to appointment, so get in touch with me today.

The majority of my work is residential, from alterations and extensions of existing dwellings to 'one-off' houses. In addition, I also undertake small residential developments, including apartments and conversions. I have worked on numerous historic buildings and have experience with barn conversions, making me the ideal architect to turn to when you wish to utilise on the space that your barn offers but is currently going to waste.