Spheron Architects

Spheron Architects was founded by Samuel Bentil-Mensah and Tszwai So in 2011 with studios in London (UK) and Accra (Ghana). At Spheron Architects we do not believe in any preconceived architectural styles - We believe in the kind of architecture that communicates feelings, triggers memories and provokes emotions. Life is essentially an album of memories, and it would be rendered meaningless if the memories could not be remembered. Memories are intrinsic to our architectural design, as they make life "meaningful" and "purposeful".

Contemporary artefacts like the digital products, make appearances in rapid succession, and not enough time is allowed for people to cultivate a sense of attachment to a particular model. Architecture has nonetheless been around long before civilisations began, to treat it purely as a utilitarian artefact simply misunderstands the very true spirit of humanity. Buildings are not simply consumer items, but reflections of the past and the present.